Currently there are over 47,000 Mustangs in holding that need homes and due to devastating conditions many of them will not be so lucky. The mustang adoptions through Impact of the Horse have had a 100% success rate. 

The growth of the adoption has turned Heber City into a recognized location for an opportunity to adopt an American Mustang.

Since 1971, The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act has been in place to ensure health of wild mustang herds. This Act enables the BLM to promote adoption of these animals nationally. Thus, attracting national attention to Impact of the Horse.

Impact of the Horse was created for the plight of the American Mustang and to showcase the usability of this American Icon.

For more information regarding, rules, regulations, and application process  please contact our Impact Team at


Competitors only 
Thursday October 22nd
12:00 - 5:00 BLM check in
5:30 competitor meeting
Drinks and refreshments
6:30 -7:30 course walk through
7:30 - 8:00 outer perimeter horse walk through

Friday October 23rd
7:00 am course walk through

Rugged Mountain Trail Classes 
*  Ticketed  8:00am   100 day Mega Impact 
*    Ticketed            Impact Domestic vs Mustang 

Saturday October 24th
Youth halter championship
9:00 am (free to The Public )

*  Ticketed 12:00 noon Mega 100 Day
*  Ticketed   2:00 pm     Mustang vs Domestic

(Cost $ 20.00 adults Kids Twelve and under $ $10.00 
(Online pre purchase tickets discounted) 
1- 100 day Mega Impact top five)
2 - Impact domestic vs mustang
Top 5 Mustangs vs Top 5 Domestics

Followed by
Adoption Auction
4:30 pm (free to the public) 

Youth & Yearling Division
NEW to the Impact of the Horse has a Youth Halter Division. The goal is to have the youth take 10 yearlings and help these youngsters have a nice start in a halter. The Youth Halter Championship is a three minute in hand freestyle. 

Mega 100-Day Division
The pot gets thickened for the 90 days trainers! BLM will pay a trainer $700 for each horse which is successfully adopted out of the 90 day horses. The BLM will also continue the $3 per day or an estimated $300 for the 90 days of feed and boarding for the horse. On top of all this each trainers will be paid half the adoption collected after the BLM gathers their $125 adoption fee. To super top all this off even further there are pay out checks for the top placings.

Mustangs vs Domestics Division
This is a friendly competition in good humor between mustangs & domestics. Day 1: A rugged
mountain course with many obstacles for all competitors & equine. Day 2: competition with half domestics & half mustangs competing in their own showdown. Each division is performing a 4-minute freestyle within their championship class.

We have implementing the "Champion Mentor Program" where several of our champions along with Jim Hicks, Shannon Allison and Dallas Sweat will be available to give support to the needs of the horses for the Impact goals.

Contact Information
Its a great year to join the Impact of the Horse family! Only a few slots left so contact:

Tricia Gale Carlson
Impact Coordinator

Lisa Reid
Public Affairs Specialist
Bureau of Land Management
95 East 500 North
Fillmore, Utah  84631
office:  435. 743.3128
cell:  435. 979.2838
fax:  435. 743.3135

Janet Tipton 
Youth & Yearling coordinator

Josi Skiby
Impact Coordinator 

The American West rich with horses, cowboy and pioneer heritage, a sanctuary of rugged desert that meets rolling hills, where one will find the free roaming American icon, the Mustang.

Drought conditions across the West have impacted the sanctuary of rangelands, leaving little water and forage for America’s wild mustang herds.

Sage Creek Equestrian has been in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management for nine years since its opening and has created a platform for Impact of the Horse, a competition created for the plight of the American mustang to showcase the usability of our wild born legacy.

Impact of the Horse Takes place Friday October 23rd and Saturday October 24th at the Wasatch Event Center:

415 Southfield Rd, Heber City, UT 84032

There are three divisions of the contest.

  1. 1.Impact of the Horse Mustang vs Domestic: A friendly competition between seasoned Domestics and the Mustang. Day one (Friday October 23rd) is a rugged mountain trail class. Day two (Saturday October 24th) top 5 Domestics and top 5 Mustangs come together for a freestyle championship.

2.The 100 Day Mega Impact Division:  A group of trainers will have drawn for them ten five-year -old Mustangs and have 90 Days to prepare for day one ( Friday October 23rd)  a rugged mountain trail class. Day two (Saturday October 24th) a top five enter the freestyle championship.

Pick up for the 100 Dayers TBA

3.Youth and Yearling Division:   Ten Mustang yearlings will be drawn for our youth division these competitors have 60 days to get ready for their championship freestyle class on Saturday October 24th.

Pick up for the Youth and Yearling TBA

The youth halter division is now accepting applications. The criteria for the youth division is that the yearling is adopted by the parent, however there will be an adoption and placement Saturday afternoon for the youth to find a home for their horse. All applications must be filled out by the parents only. All youth that are participating in the Impact of the Horse Youth & Halter division need to have experience with young horses, as well as the adult that is assisting be sufficiently knowledgeable.

A youth halter division will have sixty days to work with there young horse. All 10 competitors who are picked for the youth halter division will automatically go straight to the youth halter championship at 10:00 A.M. Saturday Nov. 8th. The competitors will be required to perform a four minute musical freestyle. This entails that the competitor have exactly four minutes of music. The class is all in-hand. The components are: walk and trot both directions and stop and back a minimum of eight steps. Lift one front and one Hind and work with poles/logs.

Each youth will be paid:

  1. $200 for feed/hauling expenses

  2. $200 for competing in the 4-min musical freestyle

  3. Monies will be paid to the top 6 placing for the freestyle event

  4. Adoption proceeds minus $25 adoption fee

If the horse is not adopted, then it is up to the adopter to find a home for the horse to be reassigned.

The application due date needs to be postmarked no later then August 29th. Adoption is $25.00 and paid at the time of pickup. Horses will be picked up on September 6th from the following facilities, Delta, Salt Lake or Cedar City.  We need high resolution close up of competitor and bio.

* Any updates and changes will be sent via email to the all competitors.




Michael Amtmann on Johnny

Domestic vs Mustang Division


Shannon Allison on Volo

Mega 100 Day Division

Tickets pre purchase $ 20.00 for both days

At the door                 $15.00
Ten and under            Free

*4:30 Adoption Saturday the 8th Free and *open to the Public

  1. *Public preview in barn area

  2. *open to the public

Pre purchase TICKETS on line here